Our Teams

A list of our teams and their respected captains:

Mixed A - Division 1

Captain: Matthew Illing

Mixed B - Division 2

Captain: Keith Pankhurst

Mixed C - Division 2

Captain: Fred Roofe

Ladies A - Division 1

Captain: Linda Knight

Mens A - Division 1

Captain: Dave Singlehurst

Mens B - Division 2

Captain: Vince Knight

Veterans - Division 1

Captain: Gary Nevison

Wilson Lee Shield & County League

Captain: Matthew Illing

Bicknell Cup A

Captain: Matthew Illing

Bicknell Cup B

Captain: Matthew Illing

Team Results 2018/2019

Some great performances last year, a few injuries meant members were able to step up to the next level and they certainly didn't disappoint.

Mixed A - 2nd in Division 1

Mixed B - 6th in Division 1

Mixed C - 2nd in Division 3 gaining promotion 2 years in a row!

Ladies A - 3rd in Division 1

Mens A - 2nd in Division 1

Mens B - 4th in Division 2

Veterans - 2nd in Division 1

County League - N/A

Wilson Lee Shield - 1st Round (knocked out by the winners)

Bicknell Cup A - Semi Finalists

Bicknell Cup B - Quarter Finalists