The Members

We currently have 23 members consisting of 10 ladies and 13 men, ranging in age from 24 to 65.

Want to improve your badminton?

We have 4 qualified coaches that'll be more than willing to help.

Broken a string or just want to replace the old ones?

We have our own stringer who has a wide variety of strings and colours at a very reasonable price.

The Clubs History

The club was formed in 1971 getting its name from Roussel Laboratories, a french pharmaceutical company based in Paris. The companies english factory started in a small manufacturing facility at Wembley Park in London, eventually re-locating to Swindon in 1970 along with 50% of its employees, this is when the Swindon based badminton club was formed. Building slowly through the 70's, 80's & 90's the club had upwards of 48 members, giving the club a great foundation that is still here today.

The Swindon factory is still in operation today, now owned by a company called Patheon. The association with the company has gone, however, the club never changed their name, sticking to its original roots.